About Us

Here at Yardbirdsadvice we are committed to giving you relevant and accurate information surrounding our backyard feathered friends.

We write on a number of related topics using our many MANY collective years of knowledge and experience as well as some diligent research to bring you articles you can trust!

We are long-term friends with a shared passion for raising backyard birds, so it only felt natural to put our heads together and share with you guys what we’ve been living for the past few years.

Our Mission

Our missing was and still is a simple one, to provide our audience with relevant and accurate information that will help them provide the best for their backyard birds. We are all animal lovers and passing on helpful knowledge for the care and welfare of their bird, and in fact, all animals is something we feel passionately about.

Our Team

Our team here at YardBirdsAdvice are friends and animal lovers with years of collective knowledge. We have been working on creating this great resource and we are all extremely proud of the work we have been doing. So, let’s meet the team!

Rob Jones

Senior Editor

Rob has a few passions in life and fortunately for us two of those passions are animal welfare and writing. With a huge aviary in his backyard with countless birds, he loves sipping his coffee while relaxing to the sounds of his birds chirping away.

Rob is also an amateur ornithologist who has a lifelong fascination with studying and understanding all types of birds.

  • You can check out a couple of posts Rob wrote here:

Stephanie Jones

Free Range Poultry Farmer

Steph is well-loved and respected by all who have had the pleasure to meet her. She loves the outdoors and looking after her many different types of poultry birds.

An avid reader of all books, and a keen believer in doing what makes you happy. 

Eunice Gardiner

Backyard Bird Enthusiast

Eunice is a well-loved person, but her best friends are her flock of chickens which she loves to take care of.

She has been a chicken rearer for many years now and loves being outside with them and especially loves these fresh eggs!