Do Chickens And Turkeys Get Along

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Poultry birds have been known to coexist peacefully in the past. So finding a farm with hens, ducks, and turkeys living together isn’t unusual. Is it possible for chickens and turkeys to get along?

Turkeys and chickens can coexist together without harming one another. Chickens are peaceful birds who will not bother you if you provide them with enough food and a wide farm or field to wander and dig in.

They can be hostile and confront one another, but the turkeys are unaffected. Furthermore, because turkeys are considerably larger than chickens, the chickens will be less likely to bother them.

It’s also critical that you properly introduce them so that they can get acclimated to each other on the farm and learn to coexist.

Do Chickens And Turkeys Get Along

So, do chickens and turkeys get along? Yes, chickens and turkeys are known to get along, especially if they are raised together from a young age.

Turkeys, on the whole, are more relaxed than chickens. As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about the conflict between these two bird species.

turkeys and chickens together

However, in a mixed flock, turkeys usually serve as peacekeepers. Turkey hens have been observed mediating clashes and putting an end to them.

In fact, if you have a rogue rooster among your flock, the turkeys may be able to straighten things out. Turkeys are, understandably, bigger than chickens, and their sheer size conveys a strong statement.

Turkeys are better at detecting the presence of a predator than chickens, in addition to giving tranquility to the flock. When there is a threat, the turkeys will emit a loud call, and the other birds will flee for safety.

The turkeys can function as surrogate moms for young birds if you ever add them to the coop. Adding turkeys to the coop also adds some variety. For starters, you can have chicken and turkey eggs.

Can Turkey And Chickens Be Raised Together

Yes, turkeys and chickens can be raised together. In fact, it is encouraged if you are hoping to have a house of harmony for the animals. Raising turkeys and chickens together is not difficult especially if it is started from a young age with some precautions taken.

However, there are certain things you should keep in mind when you are raising young chickens and turkeys together.

The first is a disease. Turkeys are sensitive to blackheads, a disease that can be fatal. According to conventional knowledge, you should never keep turkeys and chickens together. Many backyards, on the other hand, rear hens and turkeys together without issue, and with certain advantages.

Do Chickens And Turkeys Eat The Same Food

Yes, turkeys and chickens can and should eat the same food as long as it is all game bird or turkey feed. Because of some of the ingredients in chicken food and other products, anything but a game bird or turkey feed can cause harm to turkeys.

Turkeys, like chickens, eat a variety of foods. They will consume a wide range of meals supplied to them, including leftovers like grains and vegetables.

turkey and chicken outside eating

They are foraging birds by nature, which permits them to eat a variety of foods that are accessible on the ground. This can include nuts, seeds, berries, insects, bugs, plant leaves, and even tiny reptiles and rodents, depending on your region and local environment.

Turkeys should be fed commercial feed while maintained in captivity. This ensures that they have all of their nutritional requirements met. Many turkey farmers may add grain, maize, and other foods to their birds’ regular meals. This is something you should think about.

While feeding turkeys chicken feed will not cause immediate injury or danger, they will not develop and thrive to their full potential over time.

So, if you want to maintain turkeys and chickens together, you’ll have to feed them all game bird or turkey feed. Both diets are nutritious for the hens, and the turkeys get all they need.

Can Turkeys And Chickens Live Together

The short and easy answer is that turkeys and chickens can coexist and have done so for many years. However, you must exercise caution since turkeys require a lot of space and there is a deadly disease known as blackhead that you must consider.

Are Turkeys Aggressive Towards Chickens

Turkeys have been known to be aggressive towards chickens at times but that can be maintained and controlled.

Because turkeys are bigger than chickens, accidents and even death can occur if they are not properly introduced before being reared together.

Male turkeys, like male chickens, are territorial by nature.

This is why you should introduce all turkeys and chickens to each other slowly and with many precautions. This is not something that you should rush.

When introducing the birds to one another, you should give them plenty of space, keep the area clean, and monitor to make sure too much aggression isn’t shown. If there is, you should separate the birds for a time before introduction.

After formally getting to know one another, turkeys and chickens should get along for life and any aggression from the turkeys should be rare.

Are Turkeys Friendlier Than Chickens

Yes, turkeys are typically nicer than chickens. They are not like chickens in that they are sociable and do not stay to themselves.

chicken looking

If you’re out in the yard with your hens, they’ll happily ignore you while foraging, only bothering you if there’s food with you or nearby.

That is not the case with turkeys. They are sociable and will follow you around, keeping you company and speaking nonstop. They will let you carry them on your shoulders and sit on your laps if you are really close to them.

Chickens are skittish and may flee if you approach them too closely.

Are Turkeys Messy

Turkeys are, without a doubt, untidy. They’re bigger, so there’ll be more excrement and you’ll have to clean more.

They like to roost on everything, therefore they’ll try to roost on their water bowls and bowl feed, which can make a big mess.

Because the baby turkeys spend most of their time in their brooder, you will be able to pay more attention to them and clean their coop on a regular basis. This is required in order for them to remain healthy.

When they start sleeping outside, things get a lot simpler. Once in a while, you merely have to pack the enormous heaps of droppings beneath their roosting sites.

They eat more cleanly and do not spread their food.

Do Turkey Scratch Like Chickens

Turkeys actually scratch more than chickens.

Because turkeys are larger, they dig deeper holes and create more filth while scratching. That being said, they are generally not very aggressive farm animals and if you have a good rapport with them, you can expect them to rarely ever scratch you.

It is important to keep your distance when they are feeding if you wish to avoid getting scratched by a turkey.

Wrap Up

We looked at, do chickens and turkeys get along? Chickens and turkeys can coexist peacefully together on the same farm. If you provide your chickens with enough food and a wide area to wander, they will not bother the turkeys.

In fact, the two birds can even benefit from each other’s company. Chickens are scavengers who will help clean up any leftover food, while turkeys are good at fertilizing the soil with their droppings. Having both types of poultry on your farm is a great way to get some added benefits!

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