Do Chickens Get Lonely

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Keeping healthy and happy chickens is a process of understanding what chickens need and meeting those needs. One of the most important needs for a chicken is to be a part of a flock. They have evolved as a part of a social structure and they rely on this structure to function in a normal way. So, without a flock, do chickens get lonely?

Chickens can get very lonely if their social needs are not met. As with most other animals, chickens are social creatures, so they need social stimulation. Without the necessary companionship, a chicken will get depressed and lonely and its behavior will reflect this negative state.

Knowing how to recognize the signs of loneliness is important for a chicken keeper. Also, knowing what to do when signs of loneliness appear is just as important. The rest of this article will talk over some of those points.

Do Chickens Get Lonely

Chickens are not made to live alone, they are meant to form a part of a flock. The flock functions as a whole and each chicken has its place. As soon as the flock is gone and a chicken is left alone, they will fall into loneliness and even get depressed. This is bad news for your chicken.

There are many ways to tell if a chicken is lonely. In general, any chicken that is alone will most likely be lonely. But there are more telltale signs as well.

lonely chicken

Chickens that suffer from loneliness will often partake in self-sabotaging behavior like picking out their own feathers or pecking their beaks against solid concrete. When this behavior is present it is important to take action quickly because loneliness can kill a chicken. They could starve themselves or even just the levels of stress that accompany the loneliness could shorten their lifespan significantly.

Do Chickens Get Lonely When One Dies

Chickens are heavily affected when one dies. These effects can be seen in their behavior. Many times when one chicken dies the other chickens will stop eating, they will avoid being active and they will isolate themselves in a corner. This sadness can get worse if there are fewer chickens in the flock.

It is not only that they are social animals and that they want to be a part of a flock, they also develop relationships and get attached to each other. This can be especially seen with a flock of only a hand full. Even more so when there are only two chickens that form a partnership. They will be best friends and will always be together. If one of these two chickens were to die, the other will be very sad and will probably fall into a depression.

chicken walking

This loneliness should be quickly managed by getting a new companion. If the loneliness persists for too long, it could become life-threatening.

Can A Single Chicken Be Happy

Many people ask the question of whether a single chicken can be happy or if it should always be kept in a flock. The answer is not a simple yes or no. Chickens will always prefer to be a part of a flock, the flock becomes its family and provides for most of its needs. On the other hand, there are also occasions when single chickens seem to be happy. Single chickens need to be stimulated to be kept happy. They need toys, they need human interaction and they need a fun living area.

How Can I Tell If My Chicken Is Lonely

Chickens that get lonely will show a variety of signs. In general, they will showcase behavior that is antisocial and self-destructive. They will isolate themselves in the corner of the coop, starve themselves, pick out their own feathers, and stop all their natural activities like foraging.

Knowing the signs of loneliness is important for a chicken keeper because a lonely chicken will have a lot of added stress that it was not made for. This stress can lead to disease and many other factors that will shorten its lifespan. Identifying loneliness is also the first step to solving loneliness.

How Do I Make My Chicken Less Lonely

Making a chicken less lonely is as easy as keeping it entertained. Chickens require stimulation similar to any other animal. If they do not have companions to play and interact with then you should step in to meet their needs. These toys for chickens (Amazon link) are a good way to keep your lonely chicken entertained and help it from loneliness.

You can keep a chicken entertained by giving them things to play with. There are many ideas on DIY toys that you can make for them to play with. Another good way is to keep the chicken in a place where humans move. They will start interacting with the humans and this will keep them from being lonely.

What To Do When You Only Have One Chicken Left

The best thing to do when you have only one chicken left is to get another chicken as quickly as possible. It is okay for a solo chicken to be alone for a short amount of time, you can even extend this time by keeping it entertaining, but the best (and only) solution will be to get more chickens.


We looked into, do chickens get lonely in this article, this is what we said. Chickens are social animals and need companionship in order to be content. If they do not have the opportunity to socialize with other chickens, they will become depressed and their behavior will reflect this. Chickens that are kept in isolation can be very unhappy and may even develop health problems as a result.

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