Does A Chicken Coop Need Windows

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Whether a chicken coop needs windows is a controversial question with diverse misconceptions and myths surrounding it. While some believe a window is of no use for a chicken coop, others think there’s every need for a window.

One of the myths about including windows in your chicken coop is that light reflection affects the well-being of chickens. Does a chicken coop need windows? If yes, how many should be present in a chicken coop? Are there implications of not having any?

A chicken coop should definitely have windows. Besides being a good source of ventilation, windows are also an essential source of light and warmth. Lack of fresh air might lead to serious complications for the chickens, as they tend to inhale ammonia, a very toxic gas.

Using this source of ventilation to prevent chickens from inhaling harmful gases is an excellent idea. Cleaning a chicken coop regularly is also a must as It prevents the chicken droppings from becoming toxic gases. We delve deeper into this with the number of windows recommended as well as some great window ideas.

Does A Chicken Coop Need Windows

As earlier mentioned, a well-ventilated coop is necessary for the health of your chickens. That is why a chicken coop should have windows to supply light to chickens.

It is crucial because chickens are sensitive to light and the amount of light they get determines their laying cycle.

The position of the window is also as important as having a window. Designing the window towards the rising sun gets the chickens up as early as possible.

chickens looking through a windown in coop

Another importance of a well-positioned window is that it prevents diseases such as vermin.

Windows also reduce dust and make cleaning the coop easier. You wouldn’t like to have yourself locked up in a chicken coop without ventilation while cleaning.

How Many Windows Does A Chicken Coop Need

One large window is enough, depending on the size of your coop and your personal preference. Unless your coop is really large, a wide window is sufficient. It will achieve the aim. Generally, a 12″ x 18″ single window will do just fine for a standard 4 x 8 foot, or even 6 x 12 foot coop.

Having too many windows in your coop will make the place very bright. This will, in turn, make the chickens neglect their nest boxes and hunt for hidden places.

Another disadvantage of too many windows is that it might destabilize the sleeping pattern of the chickens. Instead of settling down to sleep, they will always get on and off the perches.

Although more windows may be equivalent to better ventilation, you should not plan on having windows just for ventilation.

Why? You will still need ventilation during winter when the weather is cold and dark. At this time, the windows will be shut and useless, and your chickens would still need light to survive.

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Cheap Windows For Chicken Coop

Building a window for your chicken coop does not have to be so hard. You don’t have to break a sweat to achieve this; cheap windows would serve the exact purpose you want.

You could use several types of windows; some are made of aluminum, wooden frames, or glass. You can also get acrylic-made plastic sheets, windows or polycarbonate, like Plexiglas.

A coop window 12″ x 18″ (Amazon link) is a cheap window you can get for your chicken coop. This adds good light and ventilation to a 4ftx8ft chicken coop.

The window frame is made of aluminum and painted in white. It also has safety glass which fits flush on the coop.

It has tempered glass to ensure safety, which can lift up to open and lock to allow air ventilation through a screen that stops insects from entering.

Easy to install and perfect for a 4ftx8ft coop – A larger coop might need a bigger window.

Chicken Coop Plexiglass Window

If you’re looking for a solid window to use for your chicken coop, a plexiglass window is one of the perfect options you have.

It helps with light filtration as well as heat conduction. In addition, it provides natural light to the coop, which is of great advantage, especially to the female chickens.

12″ X 18″ plexiglass (Amazon link)

Although plexiglass may be tricky to install, this is because the acrylic tends to crack during drilling. With the right method, however, you can beat this difficulty and make your cheap window from plexiglass in such a way that allows you to slide it open or close to allow ventilation when needed.

How to Make a Plexiglass Window for Chicken Coop

Making your cheap window from 12″ X 18″ plexiglass (Amazon link) is relatively easy; all you have to do is follow the instructions below:

  1. Mark about 1 inch around the perimeter and cut out the centre. This would serve as the plywood frame.
  2. Take some 1 x 2″ furring strips, cut them to your desired length, mitre the corners and screw them together. It would serve as the outer frame.
  3. Cut a piece of plexiglass to the appropriate size and fix it between the plywood frame and the furring strip frame.
  4. Attach them to the coop with hinges, and you’re done with your plexiglass window.

You’ll spend less than $20 with this option, it’s a little work to fit but only a couple of hours of work!


Does a chicken coop need windows? Yes, chicken coops are best with windows for ventilation and for some light.

Now that you know the advantages of having a window in your chicken coop go ahead and make yourself and your chickens happy. You don’t have to build many windows; one large size would be enough, depending on the size of your coop.

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