How Long Do Rhode Island Red Chickens Live

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Rhode Island Red Chickens are a popular domestic chicken breed. They are versatile chickens as they are reared for their meat and eggs production. They are also usually kept as pets in homes. They are resilient and capable of enduring difficult conditions; hence, it is generally easier to take care of them on the farms. But, you might wonder, how long do Rhode Island Red Chickens live?

A Rhode Island Red Chicken can live up to 5 – 8 years. They are prevalent for their egg and their meat production. These independent animals can lay up to six eggs per day during their lifetime. They start laying eggs as early as 18 to 20 weeks of their age.

However, it is essential to note that other factors such as diet, genetics, assess to quality care, and other environmental factors can affect the lifespan of a Rhode Island Red chicken. Therefore, to satisfy your curiosity about the life span of the Rhode Island Red Chickens, keep reading to find out more in the following paragraphs.

How Long Do Rhode Island Red Chickens Live

Rhode Islands Red Chickens result from a successful crossbreed in the early years; they are also known as the “Rhode Island Reds”. They are dual-purpose chickens, medium-sized, self-sufficient, and adaptable animals. They have a rounded shape which makes them appear larger than they are.

Averagely, the Rhode Island Reds can live for 5 – 8 years. They are usually of a dark red, dark brown feather color with a flicker of green and black at the ends of their feathers. Underneath the multi-colored feathers, they have yellow skin.

The Rhode Island Reds are not brooder chickens; thus, their eggs are fit for consumption by humans. They can as well produce around 150 – 250 eggs in a year. Their eggs are usually light brown, and they are medium to large.

Rhode Island Red chicken

When do Rhode Island Reds start laying, is another common question asked around these beautiful creatures, click the link to find out more.

How to Care for Rhode Island Red Chickens

Caring for the Rhode Island Reds is not very technical, as the chickens are adaptable and easy-going. They are friendly to humans and other chickens alike. They should also be allowed clean water regularly, daily feeding, and room to roam about for their state of mind and to enjoy foraging.

Naturally, to produce healthy and good eggs laying chickens, they need to be bred in a conducive environment. The Rhode Island Reds are usually even-tempered, and a good environment will positively impact their growth.

The chickens also have a reputation for being remarkably territorial, and they can be pretty noisy. In addition, the roosters usually have a larger comb than the hens and are often aggressive. Although the lifespan of different breeds of chicken is unique to them, other environmental factors can also help with their overall growth and health, hence their lifespan.

How Big Do Rhode Island Red Chickens Get

The Rhode Island Reds chickens generally have a squat and rounded appearance. On average, a Rhode Island Red chicken will weigh between 6.5 pounds to 8.5 pounds. They also usually stand tall up to 27.6 inches.

The Rhode Island Reds are not the birds to be intimidated by other breeds. They are self-sufficient and assertive chickens. However, they are also foragers, so it is best to keep them in a space wide enough for some free-ranging. Meanwhile, they also do well in confined spaces; they are a generally simple breed.

What do Rhode Island Red Chickens Eat

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Because of their meat and steady egg production, the Rhode Island Reds should be well fed to keep them healthy and continue producing during their lifetime.

Generally, the Rhode Island Red Chickens eat mulled oats, sunflower seeds, grits, and greens.

Food is one of the most significant factors any farmer who seeks to keep the great Rhode Island Reds must consider. The feed provides the chickens with the energy and supplements that they need.

The chickens need healthy feeds for them to grow well and reach their maturity age early to start producing eggs in due time.

Chicken breeds such as the Rhode Island Reds that lay lots of eggs should be fed with feeds with much calcium (Amazon link) and protein. It helps them produce eggs with strong shells, and they remain healthy and active during their egg-laying period.

The Rhode Island Reds start laying eggs very early in its life, and they are a profitable breed for any farmer. Although they can be kept in a confined space like poultry or den, they are active foragers. They like to roam around searching for food and other things to eat.

What We Learned

So, how long do Rhode Island Red chickens live? These chickens have a long life span and can last about 8 years. Because they are prolific egg layers and very meaty, people often choose to keep Rhode Island Red chickens.

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