What Is A Group of Chickens Called

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Chickens are one of the most widely spread domestic animals you will find around. They are important birds that produce eggs which are a healthy source of nutrition for humans. Usually, chickens do not roam alone; they usually have other chickens around them. So, what is a group of chickens called and why?

A group of chickens is referred to as a flock or a brood. In many cases, the collective noun for a type of animal usually describes the animals’ movement, association, or demeanor. For chickens, they are usually seen flocking together, and that informs their collective name. 

Flocking together in chickens is a protective behavior of the species that keeps them safe from other flying or crawling predators. Usually, chickens are not wild animals, so they can dwell among people. But a chicken that a predator threatens is automatically dangerous and can harm anyone around it in a bid to protect itself. There are some other fascinating things about the chicken; read on to find out.

What Is a Group of Chickens Called

A group of chickens is called a flock, regardless of their genders. They tend to move around in groups, establishing a pecking order. Usually an adult male chicken; the rooster is always at the top of the pecking order. But in the absence of a rooster, the most dominant hen will be the flock’s leader. 

The term “flock” tends to describe a group of chickens’ social structure. But what is a group of chickens called, if you want to be more specific? A peep is another term to describe a group of chickens. The word seems to describe how chickens peep around corners of buildings or the sound made by chicks.

What about the feathery, egg-laying poultry birds? A group of hens, especially hens at the age of laying eggs, can be called a brood. It seems this name clearly identifies the female chickens that a ready to lay.

A common question related to collective nouns is, what is a group of roosters called – I think you’ll find the answer quite interesting.

Some Interesting Chicken Terminology

Although chickens are widely spread domestic animals, many people can’t differentiate between chicken terminologies. It is not uncommon for people to refer to both male and female chickens as Hens.

Here are some exciting chicken terms you should know:

  • Chick:  a chick is a newly hatched chicken
  • Pullet: a pullet is a female chicken that is less than 1-year-old
  • Hen:    a hen is a female chicken that is above a year
  • Cockerel: a cockerel is a male chicken that is less than 1-year-old
  • Cock:   a cock is a male chicken that is above a year
  • Poultry lice: these are insects that live on chickens and in their feathers
  • Nesting box: a small cubicle where hens can privately lay eggs
  • Brooder: a type of heated enclosure for raising chicks
  • Coop:  an enclosed area where chickens are kept safe from predators
  • Production Breed: a breed of chicken that is raised for egg production or meat production
  • Dual-purpose breed:  a breed of chicken that is raised both for eggs and meat production
  • Layer breed: a breed of chicken that is raised solely for eggs production
  • Chicken feed:  a chicken feed is a formulated meal prepared for the chickens that helps them grow

Sum Up

Collective nouns for some animals usually describe the animal in some way. Flock and brood are the main collective nouns for chickens

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