What Is A Group of Roosters Called

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A rooster is an adult male chicken, also referred to as a cock. Often, roosters are called hens because people tend to call all chickens hens regardless of their gender. While the rooster is an adult male chicken, a younger male chicken is called the cockerel. If a group of hens is called a brood, what is a group of roosters called?

Unfortunately, a group of roosters does not have a collective name, but they can be called a flock. A flock is a collective name for a group of chickens. Therefore, the group of roosters can usually adopt this general group name.

However, despite the mix-up between hens and roosters, there are distinguishing traits that set them apart. Some of these qualities are mentioned in this article.

What Is a Group of Roosters Called

A group of roosters is a collection of male adult chickens that are often reared for domestic purposes, and they are called flocks. Roosters are usually larger than the regular adult hen, and they serve as the alpha among the flocks of chickens. They are usually aggressive and offer protection to the flocks as they fight off predators and alert the owner when there are imminent dangers.

Roosters can be recognized with their large comb (the red crown in between the eyes of the chicken) and wattles (the fleshy red skin that hangs under the beak). Roosters usually have huger comb and wattles, making it easy to tell a rooster apart from a hen. Also, roosters are known to be the loudest crows. They crow in the early mornings and also during the day. Most hens don’t crow, but they can too. 

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What Is a Group of Chickens and Roosters Called

Generally, a group of chickens and roosters is called a flock. The term flock works for the mix of roosters and hens regardless of gender and age. It is often rare to find more than one rooster in a flock, especially in a small group. It is because roosters are usually protective of their hens.

What's A Group of Roosters Called

But other times, more than one rooster can be found in a flock if the hens to rooster ratios are well spaced out. However, regardless of the number of roosters and hens in a group, they are all called a flock.

Why Isn’t There a Word for a Group of Roosters

One major thing to note about a group of roosters is that they are all male chickens. Generally, the male gender becomes aggressive as the testosterones kick in and they attain sexual maturity. It has resulted in people sighting no roosters flocking together. Hence, the reason why there is no specific name for a group of roosters. But the group name “Flocks” covers the roosters and the other hens and chicks.

When two or more roosters exist in a group, they tend to stir up chaos, creating testosterone-fueled aggression, except they are kept in separate flocks. This alpha dominance prevents the male chickens from flocking around together, unlike a group of female chickens and their chicks; hence, there is no word for a group of roosters.

Sum up

To clarify the question, what is a group of roosters called? There is no collective noun for a group of roosters, there are collective nouns for other groups of chickens but due to the natural order of chickens, it’s very unlikely to ever see multiple roosters together.

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