When Do ISA Brown Chickens Start Laying

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ISA Brown chickens are some of the most sought-after and popular chickens on the market. If you are a chicken owner or farmer, you have certainly heard of this special breed of chicken.

What makes an ISA Brown so popular? Their popularity is mainly due to the fact that they are producers of the big, brown eggs that fly off of supermarket shelves. While not all ISA Browns are consistent with laying these eggs, their ability to do so is one of their biggest draws. So, when do ISA brown chickens start laying?

ISA Browns start laying eggs around 18-22 weeks of age (which is about 4 and a half to 5 and a half months). ISA Brown chickens are a sought-after chicken breed as they are high-yielding egg-layers that are very desirable.

The ISA in ISA Brown refers to Institute de Selection Animale, the French company that developed the breed back in the 1970s. Of course, these chickens are known for their big, ample eggs and the color of their feathers.

When Do ISA Brown Chickens Start Laying?

Let’s delve deeper into the main question of; when do ISA Brown chickens start laying eggs? ISA Brown chickens are known to start laying eggs around 18-22 weeks into their lives. This is just a general rule of thumb, though.

Some ISA Browns might start laying before this or after this date, it just depends on the specific chicken in question. The eggs laid by ISA Browns are known for their large size and smooth, brown coloring. They are very popular and highly sought after.

The production of ISA Browns is usually quite consistent when the chicken is in its prime. However, after that, the number of eggs laid by an ISA Brown will decrease significantly.

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The eggs are a major part of the appeal of an ISA Brown. Because of its prolific egg-laying skills, the ISA Brown is quite renowned among free-range chickens owners. In fact, that is what they are usually bred for. Apart from providing the kitchen with a lot of delicious fresh eggs, ISA Browns are excellent family pets since they adapt nicely to humans, especially small children, and are not easily startled or stressed.

Do ISA Browns Stop Laying in Winter

Unlike many other breeds of chickens, the ISA Brown will not stop laying eggs during the winter. They are capable of laying in the coldest months of the year with less sunlight.

Why Aren’t ISA Brown Chickens Laying

If you own an ISA Brown chicken and it has stopped laying eggs, there might be several reasons why. Typically, the most common reason that an ISA Brown stops laying is that it isn’t getting the right amount of nutrients needed to keep its diet healthy.

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You should be concerned if your ISA Brown completely stops producing eggs abruptly for no obvious reason after it has been laying them for some time. This is an indication that something is wrong with the chicken and that an issue needs to be addressed.

Thankfully, if your ISA Brown stops laying eggs, you can quickly remedy that by examining the diet of the bird. Make sure it is receiving the right nutrients, water, and a healthy amount of food. Check for any other problems with the bird, including fatigue or lethargy. These are signs of other, more serious issues that might be affecting the ISA Brown.

There are other reasons why a chicken might stop laying eggs. Intestinal worms can have a significant impact on a hen’s egg production and overall health. They wreak havoc on eggs by stealing the nutrients that should be going to the hen and her egg-laying mechanism. Soft eggshells, tough, deformed, white or pointed eggshells, and fewer eggs are all indicators of worm infestation.

The environment your chicken lives in may also impact egg-laying. The number of eggs you obtain may be reduced due to issues in your hen’s habitat. Hens can be scared by predators such as a fox or an angry dog, leading them to cease laying for up to 5 days. Thunder, pounding, loud vehicles, and other loud noises can all temporarily halt their egg production. Check for evidence of attempted entrance, like as digging or forcing holes in a fence or chicken wire, on a frequent basis to ensure that your coop is safe and secure.

How Many Eggs Do ISA Browns Lay a Day?

lots of eggs

Although it is hard to predict how many eggs an ISA Brown chicken will lay daily, it is typical that they will produce up to 6 eggs each week once they have reached a mature age. Generally, they are known to lay one egg a day for about 12-18 months.

ISA Brown Egg Production 
Eggs/week:6 Eggs

How Long do ISA Brown Chickens Lay Eggs For?

Typically, ISA Brown chickens produce eggs for about 2 years. After those 24 months, the amount of eggs laid by an ISA Brown will decrease significantly. This is why this certain types of chickens are wanted young and only for the first two years of their lives.

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When compared to most healthy pure-bred chickens, ISA Browns have a substantially shorter lifespan, which is directly connected to their high egg output. Because they are raised to lay for the majority of the year, their reproductive systems aren’t given a break, resulting in fatigue and, in some circumstances, early mortality.

The majority of ISA Browns survive for 2-3 years, although there are several instances of ISA Browns living for 5-8 years. The level of care given to them, like other hens, will ultimately decide how long they live.

Even after an ISA Brown stops laying eggs in its lifetime, it is still a valued part of the family and household. They are known for their fun temperament. Unlike many other chickens in the world, ISA Browns get along well with children and aren’t known to be too jumpy, loud, or stressed out by humans. In fact, many farmers and chicken owners have remarked that they like to have their ISA Browns close to the home, hanging out on the back porch or even coming inside.

For those reasons, many people look at the ISA Brown as a traditional pet, especially after it stops producing eggs.

Sum up

we took a deeper look on the topic of, when do ISA Brown chickens start laying, and we concluded that ISA Browns hens are excellent egg producers, they can start laying eggs around 18-22 weeks of age and at their peak can lay about 6 eggs per week.

This cycle can last for about two years where after that the rate of production will start to fall. It’s for their egg-producing ability that ISA Brown hens are so sought after

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